Chinese Home Cooking – 2 videos

Hey everyone!

Today I’m introducing 2 Youtubers who cook Asian food at home. The first is Seonkyoung Longest’s Asians at Home video series. An winner on Food Network’s show Restaurant Express, she cooks a variety of Asian dishes and walks viewers through the making of each dish. Be sure to also check out her website! Both her cooking and her videos are professional quality, and her presentation and narrative is lively, funny, and engaging. Her recipes are also very organized in terms of the process, so you can get a sense of the general process of cooking Chinese food after only watching a few videos.


The second is Ling’s ChineseHealthCook Youtube channel. She makes Chinese food at home, and provides everyday cooking recipes, tips, and how-to videos. She has hundreds of videos demonstrating how to cook numerous, traditional Chinese dishes from the different regions of China.

Both channels illustrate clear how-to videos and recipes. Neither however are tailored specifically for the lifestyles, schedules, and budgets of most college students however. Still, be sure to check out their videos to begin to learn how to cook Chinese food at home!


Are the videos helpful? Let me know by liking and commenting!


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