Behind-the-Scenes of Our Collaborative Campaign

Hey, everyone!

Who’s ready for this collaboration?

I’ve been busy working on an awesome collaboration campaign with Sophia from The Traveling College Kid and Ashley from Yoga is for All!  We’ve been busy creating podcasts and videos about how to live and plan healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise, and travel, following  the work of The National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF). Since I last posted, we’ve designed and planned the entire campaign, including what each of our podcasts/videos will include. Sophia is creating a video with advice on how to stay healthy while traveling – what to eat, what to do. Ashley is creating a podcast about the health benefits of yoga. As for me, I’m creating a podcast on how to eat healthy Chinese food – both in the dorm and out at the restaurant. We’ve also figured out how to re-post each of our projects on each other’s sites and how to fit together all the pieces of our puzzle. I’ll be hosting a guest post by Ashley from Yoga is for All, so stay tuned for future content! We’ll soon be filming/recording the actual audio/visual projects. After that, we’ll post the projects on our individual blogs and create guest posts on each other’s posts.

I’ll also be hosting a guest post from my partners, so stay tuned for upcoming content.

Don’t forget to check out the links above for more information!

Image by Wikipedia Commons (Licensed CC)


Are excited are you for this collaboration? Let me know by commenting and liking!


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