Cooking Memes

Hey, everyone! As we continue to figure out how to cook in a dorm room using a wok, I stumbled upon this wonderful meme teaching students how to cook using a microwave:

This GIF was originally posted on Tumblr and is from a chili and cheese nacho dip episode of a local cooking show called Weber Cooks. The show aired on a student-run television show of Weber State University. Hosted by Steven Reed, the show taught college students how to create simple meals using a microwave. The episode was submitted in 2012 to the /r/NotTimandEric subreddit and then was shared with on the internet culture blog Nothing To Do With Arbroath. After that, several episode were posted on sites like Gawker, Laughing Squid, Screen Crush, Los Angeles Magazine, Reddit, Viral Viral Videos, I Am Bored, and MSN Now.

Like all memes, this one describes non-genetic human behavior that is , in this case, learned. The show teaches students how to cook with a microwave. As a piece of digital represented information, the meme is easily replicable, transmitted rapidly, and is available as long as the hosting server remains online (Davison, 2012). This meme is an interesting combination of top-down promotion/branding and user-made content. Though promoted by a student-run television show, the meme does promote the name of the Weber State University and encourages students to live in dorm rooms.

Check out the original Weber Cooks GIF here.

Check out other cooking-related memes, such as: Cooking by the Book, Coffee Maker Cooking, and Sauce.

For more memes, check out:

For more information on the history of memes, check out Patrick Davison’s 2012 article “The Language of Internet Memes.”


Does anyone know of cooking-related memes that use a wok? Let me know by commenting and liking below!


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