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Hey everyone! As announced in a previous post, Wok from Your Dorm is hosting a guest post as part of a collaborative campaign to highlight the work of The National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF). Recently, I created a podcast about how to cook healthy Chinese food and order healthy food at the Chinese restaurant. Before we jump into the guest video, a few words from the editor, Sophia. 

“Hello everyone! It’s Sophia, the editor of The Traveling College Kid. I’m so excited to share with you guys my video for this collaboration. As you all know, I have joined forces with Melanie from Wok from Your Dorm and Ashley from Yoga Is For All for a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites address some form of lifestyle, we have produced a series of podcasts and videos that provide tutorials and information about fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our collaboration works to highlight the cause of an amazing non-profit organization called The National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF). It  works to promote active, healthy lifestyles.

But first off, a little bit about my blog. I am currently a college student at Rutgers University who has a love for traveling. But as a college student, it can be costly. My blog focuses on ways to travel on a budget, especially if you’re a college student. Anyways, since healthy lifestyle is the essential theme of our diverse blogs, I have created a video on how to stay healthy while traveling. It can be super easy to snack away and not pay attention to what you’re eating because you’re on vacation time. But it is important to keep these easy reminders in the back of your mind while traveling. Simple things like remember to drink water throughout the day and watch your calorie intake can help make a huge difference while traveling.

I also just want to give a big thanks to Melanie for having me here on her blog and a big thank you to everyone who watches my video. Check back on my blog, The Traveling College Kid, for more information about traveling while being a college kid and for more updates on our collaboration. Don’t forget to like and comment! Thank you everyone and I’ll see you soon!”


Healthy Chinese Food?? – podcast

Hey everyone!

Wok from your Dorm has officially begun the collaborative campaign with Sophia from The Traveling College Kid and Ashley from Yoga Is For Everyone! If you missed my previous posts, this collaborative campaign will promote the work of the National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF), an amazing non-profit organization that works to promote active, healthy lifestyles. Since all of our websites address lifestyle aspects such as cooking, traveling, and exercise, we have decided to collaborate to highlight the NAHF’s work on living healthy lifestyles.

As part of this promotion, I’ve created a podcast with tips on how to cook healthy Chinese food at the dorm and how to order healthy Chinese food at the restaurant. For those days you want to order takeout, I talk about what to order and what not to order from a Chinese restaurant to eat healthy. Tune into the podcast below to discover that healthy Chinese food is not a myth!

I hope this podcast was helpful for you, especially if you’re a college student trying to make it work (and wok) in a dorm room! Remember to check out the National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF) for more tips and information on leading active, healthy lives.  Also check out my partners’ blogs, Sophia from The Traveling College Kid and Ashley from Yoga Is For Everyone, to find the videos and podcasts they have created to promote the cause. I’ll be featuring one of them in a guest post on Wok from your Dorm, so be sure to check back here for more content soon!


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Chinese Cooking for College Kids 101

Welcome to my first official podcast! Here are my top 10 tips and guiding philosophies for college kids who are new to cooking Chinese food. Or, Chinese Cooking for College Kids 101. Think of it as a crash course introducing you to Chinese cooking.

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Introducing Helpful Websites

Today I’m introducing 2 helpful websites, presented through video made with the software Screencast-o-Matic. These two websites introduce different elements and recipes of Chinese food that are for intermediate and advanced chefs. Wok from Your Dorm is more for beginner college chefs – so definitely check out these other websites as you advance through your cooking adventures! China Highlights is a travel agency whose website also offers information on Chinese cuisine, dining, and etiquette. The Woks of Life is a food blog made by a family of 4 (who apparently share my love of puns). I was actually really happy to find The Woks of Life blog, because there aren’t a lot of English-language websites that focus specifically on Chinese cooking (if viewers know of any, please recommend). Most of the time, it will be a general cooking website that will have a page on Chinese cuisine or a few recipes.

Using Screencast-o-Matic for the first time was easier than I thought it would be. I realized that the planning stage was the most important – scripting the video, opening and preparing all the web pages I would present in the video, etc. The only significant problem I had was saving and publishing the video. After you finish filming, you can save the video to your computer as a MP4 file, upload the video to a YouTube account, or save the video to your free Screencast-o-Matic account. I tried all 3 methods and each time received an error message that my anti-virus software was interfering with it. After some internal debate and some troubleshooting with my professor, I decided to temporarily pause my anti-virus software and was then able to publish the video to YouTube. (I do not unilaterally recommend pausing your anti-virus software; ask around and try to find another method first, and please let me know if you find another solution).

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Featured websites: China Highlights and The Woks of Life