Recording a Signature Intro


I created an audio intro! I’m excited to use this intro for any potential podcasts or videos I make in the future. I like that I’m learning to create different media styles and communicate to the public in different modes (written, audio, and video). Not only does this variety broaden my horizons as a creator, but also creates greater accessibility to media for consumers. Podcasts are a more mobile way for followers to access text or video media.

I created this 30 second audio clip using Creative Commons-licensed audio,  Scott Holmes’ “Positive and Fun” from,  and open-source audio software Audacity. I’ve used Audacity to record audio before, but this was my first time editing audio. First I chose an upbeat and lighthearted background track, then recorded my bit using headphones introducing myself and my blog. The editing took some undoing and redoing, but I am ultimately satisfied with the finished product. First I add a fade in at the beginning of the background track and a fade out at the end. I added the Autoduck effect to the background track so that its volume will adjust to accommodate the narration, and then played with the relative volumes of both tracks until I was satisfied with the balance between the music and the narration. I also applied the Normalizing effect to balance the quiet and loud sections, then applied the Compression effect to fine-tune the audio. I tried applying the Reverb effect but could not adjust it to an appropriate level. Ultimately, I gave up on the Reverb effect (for now), but I hope to continue learning to enhance my audio-editing skills. Finally, I exported the clip as a .Wav file, saved it to my computer, uploaded it to my blog’s SoundCloud account, and embed here as media on my blog by inserting it from the SoundCloud URL.

How can I improve my audio intro? Let me know by commenting and liking!



Background music by Scott Holmes, provided by (licensed CC)